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You CAN Normalize Blood Chemistries/normal food/learn to combine

You Can Normalize your Blood Chemistries for your best health. Normal food is all it takes. Learn what to combine for optimal digestion, and satisfaction.

It is about portion control, how do you manage your portions, when you are still hungry? Learn how to eat again, so you feel hunger like when you were a child. read more

Skipping Meals to Loose Weight?

Why and How Learning what foods or even supplements work for your genetics and keep you from falling asleep at workI’ve tried, and I really don’t think it works at 57. It only makes me look old because I have to take a nap in the middle of the day… how embarassing. Thank goodness I am not falling asleep at my desk. That would be worse, so how do you stay alert, while working? Remember stress causes hunger. Number 1 eliminate stress. Breathe in for 4 and hold for 7 then exhale through pursed lips for 8 and add some sound. Do this 4 times total, 2X a day. Number 2 eat whole food, nothing processed…yes that means you have to plan ahead. Try to avoid plastic, apparently BPE makes us fat too. Look at the bottom of your plastics avoid #3, #6, and #7. Look for plastic #1, and this is a one time use plastic, so don’t refill it with water, because bacteria and fungi can cause more problems. Energize with protein and vegetables, after a great protein and grain breakfast with a little fruit. When hungry add a grain.. I like clif bars. I have tried all the others, and Fiber Plus will do in a pinch. All the others… well, maybe you have your preferences too. When needing a snack, I like walnuts and almonds with dried blueberries, dried cherries, and dried cranberries, mixed together in a trail mix. Besides, the fruits are necessary. I tried all vegetables and got leg cramps, I tried fruits, and really cleaned out my colon, and started feeling like I was a walking skeleton. So yes, eating a variety of WHOLE food is necessary. A little yogurt works too, I usually eat yogurt for breakfast, or after dinner before bed. Something to tide me over till breakfast. Found my perfect weight, and haven’t had to buy clothes for a few years. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. At least at my last physical in Nov 2011 my blood chemistries were all in normal range. Can’t complain… that’s the goal. Keep the system running at optimum performance to avoid, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.(besides alzheimers)… So If you log in to receive the every other day e-mails. It describes how I eat, how you can eat too, and what I supplement, and suggestions for other blood types supplements to keep that old energy UP!! And the Digestion keep moving!!
As a blood type A, I have cut out beef and pork, in fact I do best eating a different fish every day…. I know have to watch out for mercury. Feeling better and sleeping better is so important for our health as we age. Just log in…. I eat in proportion at every meal or soon after. What is the correct proportion for you? 40/30/30, 30/40/30, 30 of what, 40 of what 30 of what. Carbs? If you make sure none are processed, you will feel better and loose weight. read more

Mens Favorite Crunchy Snacks

Why and How loggin in for every other day e-mails can save your life and normalize your blood workDo you know that manufacturers have heard the call for better choices in processed food.

I know men LOVE processed food. One improvement came as a surprise when I was shopping with my daughter.

Under the Blood Type Diet, there are 4 blood types. When you pick your blood type, you will see in addition to vitamins, minerals, and normal flora, and deflect (for people who may be eating something that causes inflammation and they don’t know or don’t care) there is a product called Beanitos. Each blood type has their most highly beneficial bean. How great is it that a chip company made these healthy chips? read more