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Personalized Cook Books One Book for Each Blood Type Non-Stainable

Cook delicious and Savory meals that build immunity and healthy energy. How about a cook book that won’t get gunk splashed on it, and you can prop up to read while cooking, with great flavorful recipes. Included is  the shopping list to expedite your grocery trip. The basis of this website teaches you how to combine your foods. You will NOT feel hungry, You will NOT over eat, and You will have MORE energy, and great digestion.   Free newsletters guide you through the process.     read more

Charlie Horses and Cramps!

I couldn’t believe it…..I was having the same issues as my husband who is 17 years older.  Charlie horses and cramps. I knew that I could not leave fruits out of my diet, and it went from once a month to once a week to every day. Okay. watermelon works, and apples work, what happens when you get tired of those, and want something  that will work like magic? Dried cherries. Yes everyone has talked about the marvelous cherry. Acerola cherry, black cherry any cherry as far as I am concerned when it comes to relieving those cramps. High in potassium and other phyto nutrients to make the strain go away. read more