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Books You May Like To Invest In.

Eating healthy is individual, creating your best program, learning to read labels, and staying out of the hospital.  Combining your meals effectively will propel you to wellness.

The Food Autopsy will help with you reading labels, HERE! read more

Did You Know That Too Much Caffeine Can Cause Non Fatal Heart Attacks?

Do you have the gene that could cause a non-fatal heart attack?

Yes it is true, there is a gene that can predispose you to a non-fatal heart attack.

Learning what our body needs is not one single factor, it is a combination of many. read more

Real Bear Sugar Video, Sugar Alternatives for Diabetics

A reason, to figure out how to manage your sugar levels. Read This article.  Different foods for different folks.

This satirical version of the Coke commercial shows what really happens to our health and weight when we drink as much of their products as the Coca-Cola Corporation hopes we will. read more

Is Soy The Answer?

I am writing this to help you make your decision about soy, and even hormone replacement.Especially as we move through middle age

If you don’t know yet, I am half Japanese, and I was raised on soy. read more

Understanding the Challenges of Middle Age and Menopause

Cleaning out your colon takes time, and swapping foods takes a little super sleuthing. Aging is a challenge. I am now at the point where I need that “extra” amount of protein just to prevent “pain” Finding out which proteins which will not create belly fat is key. 5 meals a day may become the norm, expanding your eating and you can introduce foods that are lower reactive, such as soft cheese, turkey, spinach and wine. Will help you maintain your best weight. Your body will quickly let you know in many ways whether these new foods work for you. Weight response to a new food is a guage, but so are sleep, mood, stress levels and digestion to name just a few. read more

Eliminate Chronic Pain, and other Diseases Are Vitamins/Minerals Dangerous?

Dear Any Suffering Aging Person

Maybe it is true, when you eat a well balanced diet, you don’t need your multi-vitamin. If your kidneys are not strong enough to handle a supplement, you may become confused and disoriented. read more

Learn If You Can Blame Your Thyroid For Your Belly Fat

It was on Doctor Oz today, or yesterday. You can check to see if your thyroid is low simply, and easily at home.

Grab a thermometer,  and before you get up for the morning for 7 days in a row, take your temperature. read more