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The Food Autopsy Teaches Reading Labels, Knowing Ingredients

Here is the Kindle Version

It is also available in Paperback

Learning to read labels, and know your ingredients, is the key to controlling calorie intake and losing belly fat!

Important Foods To Incorporate Into Your Diet For Good Skin

Remember the Musical Fruit Beans That won’t give you gas.
Blood Type O: Black Beans, and Black Eyed Peas, and especially Adzuki Beans
Blood Type A: Black Beans, Pinto Beans, and Black Eyed Peas
Blood Type B: Kidney Beans, Lima Beans, and Navy Beans
Blood Type AB: Pinto Beans, and Navy Beans read more

Do You Want To Preserve the Planet For Your Children?

Okay, so I am passionate about saving the planet too….You know Bottled water isn’t always that good for you. Do you know that you may actually be drinking city water?

Yes recycling is better, and the sale of recyclable water containers is growing. I personally like stainless steel. Otherwise look for plastic that is BPA free. read more

If the Current Flu Vaccine is Only 9% Effective for Persons Over 65 You Can Protect Yourself With Elderberry

Food as Medicine

Studies have repeatedly shown that nutrients work better when kept in their intact form. Vitamin C is a good example: synthetic ascorbic acid is less bioactive than vitamin C extracted from rose hips, and often requires lower doses to do the same job. However, extracting vitamin C from rose hips is quite expensive. Many manufacturers use the charade of putting a graphic image of rose hips on the label and advertising that their vitamin C formula is with rose hips, which can mean anything. We call this ‘pixie dust formulating’ –adding a minute amount of an ingredient so it can be mentioned in the ad copy. Our Proberry formulas give the straight truth: Its vitamin C content is derived from rose hips and other food sources. Big difference.

Creating a place where viruses cannot attach is key to sometimes preventing disease.

(Also comes in Proberry Caps, under supplements, and immune support)

The Elderberry in the Proberry product is effective for warding off the flu Virus.

Elderberry in particular is beneficial in preventing the spread of viral influenza, as it blocks neuramididase, the enzyme made by the flu virus that allows it to attach to the tissues of the nose and throat. This syrup is pleasant tasting and a hit with children. read more