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Reduce Blood Pressure Without Medication

The books associated with these products emphasize the importance of magnesium There is a blog where magnesium is found in foods.

Magnesium is important with Calcium for Bone Maintenance read more

Substituting, and Finding Nutrients In Various Sources Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Health

Here are a few tips, how to change your diet to reduce sugars, from The Doctors TV.

Finding foods that help with your sleep patterns, are  HERE.   There are good ideas from Doctor Oz.

If you listen to all of them, read more

Cooking For Different Blood Types Similar Recipes Developed to Make it Simple

I have developed 4 recipes To show you how you can change and adapt your recipes for your spouse and family.

Keeping belly fat off is key to fighting diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. For everyone efficient belly fat removal is genetically different, and we can start here. read more

Noodles Sometimes We Need Them For a Dish And They Are DELICIOUS!!

There are new great choices for noodles,

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They include De Boles Wheat and Jerusalem Artichoke Flour

Good for slightly intolerant Wheat Blood Type O and Blood Type A read more