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Sea Vegetables and Iodine Sources

Basic Miso Soup

I make mine from scratch, because MSG can be inflammatory for some people. It caused my fathers’ throat to swell up. Some people get headaches. I look for non-GMO and no MSG formulas read more

Why Will Newsletters Help, and Why Do I Need This Step By Step? If Websites Leave You Confused, This One Tells You HOW not just What.

Certain Foods Benefit people in specific ways.

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The basis of this article is to help you help yourself. Your life. The quality of your life, you preserve, may be your own. It is a step by step project, learning which foods work for you best. I am here to help you learn how to listen to your body, and how it feels. The process to understanding what your body needs is a scientific process, learning what the medical profession knows, and keeping track of what you have been eating. Becoming fine-tuned to your body and figuring out what bloats, constipates, and causes pain, may keep you on this eating plan to optimal health. There may even be some new foods added to your daily regimen which will make you feel great. There are two things which basic science will tell us: 1.removing the bad, and 2. adding the good. These two things will actually propel you to middle age wellness and even weight loss, and more flexibility. It is helpful to notice how your body feels when you remove the bad, and add the good. It is a 15-20 day process, not just one day. I think most everyone knows the basics. By adopting these 2 rules, you might surprise yourself and create your own weight loss. Would you be willing to do it, especially if your digestion improved so much you could eliminate digestive enzymes from your regimen? After opting in for the pdf of 10 Keys To Basic Health, you then are invited to a free subscription for all the tips on where and how to eat, the mandatory nutrients your aging body requires. New, highly nutritionally dense foods, are listed, that some people just do not grow up with. Adding them to my diet helped immensely. Living with my biochemist husband, has been the impetus for adding highly nutritionally dense foods, to help every one feel better. He says food is key, because we can not receive our nutrients from supplementation alone. And a pill, will not create great digestion. In fact food, will help with digestion, and, it will actually help you get the nutrients you need into your cells, maximally and naturally. This information is substantiated, by the health MD’s and nutritionists, whose information is available for a small price. Upon digesting their information, there may be some items that will create your best health by following the blood type guide lines. Helping my friends who are my age and older, has been rewarding, when they find more energy and normalize their biochemical markers. This information is available by newsletter e-mails, for you, without payment or membership.
You may already know, some of the important keys, and choose not to use what you know. This can lead to disease and hardship, as you age. Applying the 10 keys to basic health, to your life will help guide you, to healthier eating as you navigate your way through middle age, and through menopause. It may also help young people and children to healthier eating, so they can maintain their best weight as they age. read more