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4 Questions From Doctor Oz To Help You Determine Your Energy Needs

Four simple questions, to help answer your concerns about finding energy, and the Four Common Nutritional Deficiencies. The Blood Type Diet, correlates listing Blood Type O’s as having the most low thyroid issues, The Blood Type A’s having low stomach acid, there fore needing more Vitamin B support, and Blood Type B’s needing magnesium for circulatory energy. Blood Type AB’s are a cross between A’s and B’s and can determine their energy needs with this questionnaire, and blood testing. Blood Levels are a good idea for anyone, who needs more than this questionnaire can answer. read more

Amazing, Specific Foods Match Genetics, Aiding Weight Loss, Feeling Good and Easy Elimination

Are you eating your 5-7 vegetables and fruits a day? It really is possible. Lets start with building a very satisfying salad, and how adding raw vegetables will aid in your feeling better, and having better digestive health. How the proper proteins for your heritage will maximize feeling good, generate belly fat loss and improve digestion. read more