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Estrogen Dominance Solutions for Women and Men

Now, we know that the common thread in many female hormone diseases such as those mentioned above is a little known condition known as estrogen dominance. The underlying problem is a relative excess of estrogen and an absolute deficiency in progesterone. In the west, the prevalence of estrogen dominance syndrome approaches 50% in women over 35 years old. read more

Xylitol is So Important For Your Oral Health

Xylitol is one sugar that doesn’t react in the insulin cycle, and therefore does not affect diabetes or pre diabetes. Xyitol is a wetting agent, and is used in Biotene and helps prevent oral carries or cavities as we age. It does this by creating more wetness in our mouth preventing dryness which causes cavities.
Swishing Biotene, or eating Ice candies with xylitol may work. read more

Clear Skin

Take it from this person, it still applies as we age. Breakouts after 40 can be prevented by adding vegetables, and fruits, and cutting out the junk.

Finding your best digestive health, will keep our skin clear as we age. read more

Deflect and PolyFlora Are Two Products That Enhance and Protect Your Gut Health

Two products that you can use to enhance your gut health as you fine tune your eating and move to your best health.

DEFLECT Will prevent damaging lectins from adhering to your gut

POLY FLORA Will provide your genetic types best healthy gut bacteria read more

Is It Dangerous to Consume Energy Drinks?

I found that consumption of energy drinks did not solve my energy problem. This is why I look for my energy from food.

I found that over indulgence in one vitamin can be harmful, knowing which vitamins you need is essential, The Pathway Fit test tells you which vitamins you need to supplement or eat. For me it was everything EXCEPT vitamin B6 read more

Some Answers for Your Cravings, and How to Suppress Bad Ones

How the “Mind Diet” Can Help Prevent Alzheimers

Copied from Dr. Oz the Mind Diet

1. Green Leafy Vegetables
2. One other vegetable besides a salad every day. Broccoli and onions.
3. Poultry, preferably Turkey
4. Fish

Cold-water fish, like salmon and mackerel, are rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and have the most DHA, which is essential to keeping your brain young and vital. All you need to reduce your Alzheimer’s risk is three servings per week.
5. Berries, Two servings of blueberries twice a week. Strawberries
6. Whole Grains. 3 servings a day? The Blood Type O’s and B’s may not need this much when they find their best proteins.
7. Nuts contain healthy fats. Nuts like Almonds and Walnuts. Black Walnuts and Brazil nuts for Blood Type B help lower cholesterol, and reduce heart disease.
8. Beans 3x a week. The free pdf for the 10 keystobasichealth list your best beans so you wont have gas.
9. Red Wine. Cleveland Clinic recommends Cabernet
10.Olive oil, People who cook with olive oil saw greater protection from cognitive decline. Cut the butter. read more

3 Reasons to Quit Smoking

Confidence in the Supplements You Will Take

You can have confidence, you are taking supplements to help your body, and those that will not cause harm.

Knowing these are formulated for each blood type, genetic type, and not to harm helps you be sure. read more

Your Teeth and Oral Health Advice, and Overall Health Info

Knowing why carbonated drinks are harmful, Even Sparkling Water.