Deflect AB

Deflect AB

Contains Larch Arabinogalactin, Cranberry Concentrate, Pineapple Concentrate, Chondroitin Sulfate, D-Mannose, and Pectin from citrus aurantium fruit


When you eat a food containing a protein lectin not Right 4 Your Type, these lectins adhere to carbohydrate receptors throughout the intestines. While the reaction takes place in the gut, the harmful effects can reveal themselves throughout the body, in symptoms ranging from bloating and allergy-like conditions to weight gain and lethargy.

Even if you were to follow the Blood Type Diet®, repeated lectin response leaves behind years of damage. Deflect goes to work right away on existing lectin damage, ‘scrubbing’ away harmful lectin attachments.

Minimize lectin damage from the avoid foods you eat, and repair existing lectin damage with Dr. D’Adamo’s revolutionary Deflect formulas.

Since each blood type is susceptible to different lectins, these “Deflect” are designed formulas specific to each blood type.



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