Pathway Fit

Pathway Fit

Easy first morning before drinking, brushing and smoking or eating test.



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The Complete Genetic marker information system

You can’t change your genetics, but you can change your life.

The Pathway Fit program hails a revolution in personalized care, designed to help you to live longer and healthier according to your specific genetic makeup.
How Pathway Fit Works

By collecting a small sample of your saliva, Pathway tests for more than 100 carefully chosen components that affect your health and weight. The results of the test are presented to you in a comprehensive report, outlining the areas that can be refined to better manage your weight.

These include:

Best type of diet for your system
Best exercise for your body type
Predisposition to vitamin deficiencies and illnesses such as diabetes
Critical behavioral changes like sweet cravings

Using this data, we then work with you in making the nutritional and lifestyle changes that best match your individualized genetic profile and provide the best opportunity for success. You’ll receive diet, behavioral, and medication recommendations that will work to “turn off” the bad genes and “turn on” the good ones.