Tunafish Salad With Vegetables

Here is a simple recipe

1 can of tunafish drained

1/2  stalk of celery chopped

1/8 of a wedge of onion chopped

mayonnaise to wet

Mix together and serve on rye crackers


If you have weak kidneys, use the low mercury Wild Planet

Wild Planet Low Mercury Skipjack Tuna


Tuna is highly beneficial for Blood Type AB and neutral for Blood Types A, O, and B

As blood type A, I eat it mixed with Celery for Vitamin B and Onions for quercetins, and mayonnaise. (It is good to make your own out of olive oil and egg yolks whipped to a mayonnaise consistency.)

Buy these kind of rye crackers



For people who need more fiber in their diet, here is a 100% rye cracker, that I put tuna fish with celery and onions on.