Noodles Sometimes We Need Them For a Dish And They Are DELICIOUS!!

There are new great choices for noodles,

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They include De Boles Wheat and Jerusalem Artichoke Flour

Good for slightly intolerant Wheat Blood Type O and Blood Type A


For Oriental Dishes:

I turn to Kamut Udon Noodles. We boil them, and then fry them in oil for pan friend noodles with Chow Mein. Kamut is an AVOID for Blood Type AB.


Comes in elbows, spirals and kamut buckwheat rigatoni

Corn noodles are also made by DeBoles. I do NOT recommend them, as corn causes insulin insufficiency in all blood types except Blood Type A.


Spelt Noodles are neutral for All Blood Types. Though highly beneficial for Blood Type B and Blood Type AB. The Udon noodles are listed below. Kamut is a lot lighter noodle in color, and therefore looks like real noodles, Spelt are a little darker.

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Or Two


And Buckwheat Soba noodles are traditional, Highly beneficial for Blood Type A and Neutral for Blood Type O. Unfortunately an avoid for Blood Type B and Blood Type AB


And the Best Noodle For ALL



Almond Flour Pasta

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