Poor Digestion May Have Caused Pancreatic Cancer For My 72 Year Old Friend


Learning which proteins your body needs, to run efficiently may prevent a story like this. Clostridium Difficile can occur when your body doesn’t have the right bacteria to efficiently digest your food and provide nutrients for your body’s cells. It usually occurs in older adults.

Our friend was eating a very healthy diet. She wouldn’t put a soda or a sugar in her mouth. Yet her stools came out just like she ate her food. whole and undigested. She was not getting any nutrients!

She found a Doctor who specializes in pancreatic cancer in New York. She travels from Georgia, to New York for $4000 treatment. Chicken and Tuna is not the long term answer for anyone trying to maintain their best weight.

If your digestion is not good now, you can fine-tune your highly beneficial foods with two tools. The first is this book.


The second tool is especially effective, if you are in need of dire and immediate help,and are concerned about your health, and digestion. I know this, supported, and made clear what I needed to do, through the blood type diet. Heritage is so important in determining your dietary needs. If you are a mixture of cultures, like most people, this may help determine which genes you inherited. Giving much more information, than the correct proteins you need, it gives information such as if you are subject to eating more in social situations. Eating Disinhibition is one gene, a sweet tooth is another. Slow caffeine metabolizer is surprising. Apparently too much caffeine can cause heart attacks. The type of exercise you need is not necessarily jogging and lifting weights. Finding which anti-oxidants you need to supplement, and which ones you can eat with a well rounded diet, will help you avoid things like lung cysts which is tied to too much Vitamin E.


Be proactive with your health and listen to your body. Make wise choices, and you will feel and move much better, even as you age.


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