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Kristi Tornabene

New Book - Available Now! Proactive Strategies for Healthy Aging.

Especially those with MTHFR

A book that helps guide you to health through middle age and beyond.

Have you suffered from Diverticulosis or Constipation or IBS? This book is for YOU!

Do you have pain or headaches or a feeling of being out of sorts. This book is for YOU!

Perhaps, you have an addiction to sugar, and know that if you don’t quit you are headed for diabetes?

Find out why you don’t need a lot of supplements to feel better, and feel less hungry. Maybe the System 20 you started is not helping you feel better or eliminate better. Finding your best foods you can eliminate weight gain and extra belly fat: along with combining protein and vegetables together in a meal, you won’t feel hungry. This is the Zone way of eating. Your colon will be happy, and you will be happy. This book is for YOU!!

In the process, you will find how to keep your energy at optimum performance. Since I have experienced all of this, and solved it with food, you can benefit from what was learned during the process of fine-tuning my own eating plan and my friends eating plans. Find out how my friend solved her anxiety.  This book is for you!

Getting to the root of the problem will eliminate it forever.

This book is for you, for your aging body, so you can keep it  properly as you age.

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