Having a hard time with food, confused,what to do

or how to make it better?

  • Would you like to feel better when you eat?

  • How would it feel to be satisfied with just the right amount?

  • Yes, you can achieve great digestion

  • More energy would be wonderful.


But right now you’re not there yet

  • You don’t know where or how to start

  • There is a system you can follow

  • You need help with your diet, and you would like to find someone who has experienced what you are experiencing.

  • You feel hopeless, and there are answers.

  • You feel alone

This is where I come in. I hold your hand, and walk you through the steps of healthy eating. Sharing the stops and starts and fears you may have. I had my own, my friends had their own. We help you through the process of systematic change on your own time line.

Why I think I can help you:


… Care, focus, empathy, experience based on many stops and starts, plus experiences and trials, we have gone through, because of other people’s posts on Facebook in their quest for optimal health.

  • My clients work with me because I am structured and results oriented. Experiencing positive changes

  • There are some things I am very good at:

  • My ability to work on the essentials, and come up with a strategy for you to achieve your goals

  • My experience of figuring out what works for you because I have helped my friends while solving this for myself. Experience will help you get there faster.

  • My empathy and encouragement to use what you like to help you digest and feel better.

  • I understand what you are feeling, depression or anxiety, hopelessness and frustration. You have been praying for help and here it is.

  • Let me show you how your body can fine-tune itself with a little help and adjustment.

You can feel confident you are doing the absolute best to take care of your aging body.

We are most likely not a good fit:

  • If you are not willing to ask for help

  • You are hoping for a quick fix or a magic pill

  • Your commitment to work through change

Do your homework:

If I was hiring a coach (and I am always working with other coaches and people) I would ask myself the following questions:
1. Does this person have integrity in business, and in life?
2. Will this person truly care about my results or am I just a number or income to them?
3. Does this person’s coaching style fit with my personality?
4. Do our values align?
5. Are there any signs of over-promising results
6. Is this person transparent with their own results?
7. Besides the coaching calls, can I ask for feedback via e-mail? (Yes)
8. Wouldn’t it be great to have the experience of someone who has had many problems and over came them?

I suggest you read my about page and when you are ready, let’s chat.


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