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Help support healthy intestinal health with Polyflora A caps from Eat Right 4 Your Type author Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo.

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Help support healthy intestinal health with Polyflora A caps from Eat Right 4 Your Type author Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo.

In today’s fast-paced world, stresses and poor dietary choices can be taxing on the intestinal tract.

Recent studies document a clear role for our ABO blood type and secretor status in determining the makeup of the ‘microbiome’: the total population of bacteria that live within our digestive tract.

The revolutionary design of Polyflora A is a blood type specific probiotic and prebiotic blend for your blood type. Probiotics are acid bacteria organisms and cultured food products that support healthy intestinal balance. Prebiotics are nutrients that help support growth of healthy intestinal flora. This new knowledge about which specific strains to include in a blood type specific formula can be deemed beneficial for a type A diet.

Foods you eat react chemically with your blood type so, personalizing both your food and supplement choices with probiotics and prebiotics-rich Polyflora A, will allow your body to support healthy digestion.

Polyflora A is a 100% vegetarian product, wheat and corn free, and its ingredients include bifidobacterium bifidus, burdock root and chicory root extract which support the unique composition of the blood type A microbiome.

Polyflora A is used by consumers, health professionals as well as Dr. D’Adamo in his clinical practice.

120 vegetarian capsules
Suggested Use: 2 capsules, 2 times daily
Is this Product Vegetarian? Yes

Polyflora is especially designed to deliver therapeutic levels of blood type specific probiotics (bacteria) and and growth media (prebiotics).  Especially made different, and special, for each blood types, best digestive health. Consumption of lactic acid bacteria, or food cultured or fermented with these friendly microorganisms, does extend life  in animal experiments, and drastically reduces a wide range of intestinal metabolites, such as indoles,  poly-amines, cresols, nitrates/nitrites, and carcinogens, which we now know are counterproductive to optimum health.

Even using strains of  friendly bacteria that have a great ability to survive digestion and colonize your digestive tract, there is a tendency for a gradual decline in the quantity of bacteria over time. This decline is substantially worsened by stress, poor dietary choices, antibiotics, and other drugs.


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