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Lifetime Goals Coaching! Keys to Basic Health – Kristi Tornabene. Lifetime Precision Goals!

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K2BH Lifetime Goals Health Coaching

  • You have gotten started, and you have run into issues. You want answers

  • Since I have dealt with digestion issues, pain, too much food, to little food, I have answers

  • Lots of possibilities for you to incorporate into your eating plan, and

  • Substitutes for things you love.

  • Digestion is the most important part of this plan for women

  • Maintaining energy and raising glutathione is the plan for men who have no digestion issues, and for women

  • Why I use tests. Because finding your best “zone” of eating can keep excess weight off and help with digestion.

  • Finding which nutrients your body needs most and those foods you need to concentrate on eating, maybe 3 times a day.

  • Would you like to exercise and don’t have the energy. Would you just like to be able to walk to go and do fun things?

  • Would you like to eat like normal people do, and not shovel food in if you knew which nutrients would make you feel full.

Don’t be frustrated with eating till you are full. There are answers, how to be satisfied

  • Learning that great digestion can be found with NOT over eating.

  • Learn if you have a hunger gene, a snacking gene, and what this means for your health

  • Learn why the vegetables you are eating should be fresh, not canned.


Fine Tune Your Eating so you can have palm sized portions of protein

  • Over eating can cause digestive issues and maybe even pain

  • Learn which nutrients you may be missing, to offset pain

  • Free tutorial, and two free tests to get you started, and if you don’t know your blood type, we will provide this also.

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