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Secretor Status Collection Kit w/GenoTyping Kit and SWAMI XP2 (digital download). Revolutionary breakthroughs in GenoTyping …

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Secretor Status Collection Kit w/GenoTyping Kit and SWAMI XP2 (digital download). Revolutionary breakthroughs in GenoTyping and nutrigenomics create the only diet program optimized for your DNA.

We’ve paired our cutting-edge DNA analysis Secretor Status Collection Kit with SWAMI XP2, the most advanced nutritional software program available, to bring you the ultimate individualized diet.

Our single-use test Secretor Status Collection Kit uses the latest in DNA analysis to determine your secretor status (secretor or non-secretor). Then, with a new understanding of your bio-chemical individuality, you’ll enter your blood type, secretor status, personal health history, and other key biometric markers into your SWAMI XP2 computer program. SWAMI XP2 utilizes the revolutionary science of nutrigenomics, the link between genes and nutrition, and performs over 12 million calculations to reveal the best diet to fit your personal DNA.

I have four individual tests left if you want to save money and order them separately.

With your SWAMI XP2 program, you’ll be able to run a 50-page SWAMI Diet Plan containing your prescription for optimal health:

  • A complete personal health profile
  • Your individualized food lists, including a new category; GenoHarmonic foods
  • Easy to follow recipes created just for you
  • Printable grocery shopping lists
  • Personalized supplement recommendations and dosages
  • Exercise recommendations for your GenoType
  • The ability to make changes to your SWAMI XP2 program as your health goals change
  • Automatic upgrades to new versions of SWAMI XP2 – Buy it once, it’s yours forever
  • The power to take strategic control of your own wellness and lifestyle choices
  • The ability to change your genetic destiny
  • SWAMI Mobile app included free that allows you carry your personalized food lists on your smart device

Please note that SWAMI XP is a digital download licensed for one user. Once purchased, check your email for your SWAMI XP2 log-in details. Please allow 24 hours (or the end of next business day on weekends) for this email to arrive before contacting us. Please note that the Secretor Status Collection Kit w/GenoTyping Kit will be sent separately.

Watch the Secretor Status video to learn more.

Listen to Dr. D’Adamo discuss the benefits of his SWAMI XP software program.

Click Here for Secretor Test Results and Secretor Test Privacy Policy   PLEASE NOTE: The Lab Requires 21 business days from the time your specimen is received at the Lab. Please allow sufficient time for this processing.

IMPORTANT NOTE for NEW YORK STATE residents.  Due to New Your State regulations, we are unable to process saliva samples collected and/or sent from New York State. If you purchase our Secretor Status Collection Kit, you will need to both collect and ship sample from another state. Any samples collected and shipped from New York State will be discarded and we will be unable to provide secretor status.  If you are interested in taking a Secretor test but have a New York State address,  please do not order this product until you call us for further information first.