Why Take Vitamins & Supplements Right For Your Type?

Supplements may be a temporary need, to aid, and help, in finding other sources of a well balanced and nutritionally sound health program. When we eliminate certain foods, we need to find alternative sources of the nutrients our bodies need. This helps our system metabolize more efficiently, prevent insulin insufficiency, sluggish thyroids, digestive and/or gas problems, and fight disease like autoimmune diseases. Products suggested here, may overlap, and you may see them in a variety of different categories. Most products cross all other lines of listed categories because when our body is inflamed, symptoms can emerge in a variety of ways in different people.

Weight Management


CLA Oil Blend Liquid

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This nutty, fresh tasting oil supports:

Optimal metabolic function
Promotes healthy muscle maintenance

This formula is optimized for:

Blood Types: O and B
Genotypes: Gatherer and Hunter (can be used by Warrior as well)

El Dorado


Promote healthy AMPK function with El Dorado dietary supplement caps. AMPK is an energy-burning molecule in the human body that helps …