Keys To Basic Health For Mature Adults

Feel Satisfied by learning which foods have the nutrients you need, KEEP BELLY FAT OFF, and GAIN ENERGY!

  • If you could eat and feel full sooner without counting calories, would you want to find out how?
  • If you could eat good satisfying food and maintain vibrant health without belly fat hanging over your belt would you?
  • If you could find your best middle age weight, have all day energy, better sleep,  avoid prescription medicine, overcome chronic pain, while NORMALIZING YOUR BLOOD CHEMISTRY MARKERS, would you?
  • If you could maintain a healthy, energetic self WITHOUT the standard 30 minutes of intense exercise three times a week, would you?
  • Would you be happy if you could feel like your old self again? Having optimal colon health using No digestive Enzymes? And cure your IBS?

At Performance Plus, we help you discover what eating plans and food combinations work best for your body. We guide you to develop a highly individualized personal eating and living program suited to your likes and dislikes plus specific nutrient supplementation that will enhance your feeling of optimal wellness at any age.

We have been helping people around the country learn how eating foods compatible with your blood type and physiology can eliminate that after lunch slump, help you fine tune your eating to eat efficiently, keep you fuller longer, aid in digestion and give you that extra boost of energy when you transition through menopause or middle age.

Our programs are built on a variety of  great tasting recipes for specific blood types, encompassing all the nutrients you know you should have, including those all important omega 3’s, vitamin c, calcium, fiber, special proteins, enzyme enhancers, phyto-nutrients, and adaptogens, that will help us feel like we can tackle the world again!

Through Performance Plus, you will be empowered with self development, self worth and insight into creating better interpersonal relationships and working environments.

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