A RBC magnesium test; is the gold standard test for assessing your magnesium needs. The same test can also tell you if you have too much mercury. Knowing you can improve your biochemical numbers may take some initial testing. Then monitoring. These are the tests I recommend for your particular health concern. Lipid and Thyroid analyses, Vitamin D and B12 deficiencies. Casein intolerance and inflammatory markers like L3, CRP and Homocysteine levels. The A1C is for sugar levels over 3 months determining your chances of diabetes.

Fine-tuning your eating for your target nutrients will help you feel better, and specific B vitamins can keep you from over dosing on Vitamin B 6 which may cause non-fatal heart attacks when taken in excess.

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Author: Kristi Sue

We help you discover what eating plans and food combinations work best for your body. We guide you to develop a highly individualized personal eating and living program suited to your likes and dislikes plus specific nutrient supplementation that will enhance your feeling of optimal wellness at any age.

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